Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nene Geese

The native Nene goose of Hawaii evolved un-webbed toes to help them with walking on the lava. Three geese were practically in the heavily traveled path to one of the crater-overlooks today at Hawaii Volcano National Park. Quite close by, steam vents puffed out fumes from cracks in the lava rock, and people were leaving flowers, coins, and crackers for Pele, goddess of the volcano. She's been busy lately: since spring, a new lava flow has replaced the one that has been going on for around 30 years.

We saw hundreds of tourists from giant bus tours all over the park today. We suspect that we were unlucky enough to arrive there at the same time as the tour bus from one of the many cruise ships that we can see from our lanai. A different ship seems to head for the harbor each morning and leave just as the sun is setting. The boats improve the view -- but the tour bus convoy in the park was very annoying.

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