Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mysterious Maps

botanical-garden 1
Here's a perfectly nice map of the Matthaei Botanical Garden near the point where you enter the woods.
Note that West (Dixboro Road) is at the top.
botanical-garden 2
After you have walked for a while, you find another map. They must want to mess with your head --
this map is reversed from the first one. You can see that West/Dixboro Road is at the bottom.
We had a very nice walk in the gardens again on a beautiful morning this week. I just wonder who designed those maps!

botanical-garden 3

Sunday, November 08, 2015

A Quiet Botanical Garden

In the woods at Matthaei Botanical Gardens this afternoon it was very quiet. The fall colors have become very subdued.
Only a few other people were walking in the woods.
Inside the greenhouse. 

Insect-eating plants seemed to be waiting eagerly for prey. 
I always love the indoor goldfish pond.
On the way home we stopped to watch the swans on the river in the very late afternoon sun.