Monday, October 08, 2007

More Photos

First we watched the beginning of the race, which included police cars and the GEIKO lizard. Above are Tom, Alice, and Miriam, waiting as the runners go by. Finally, we spotted Evelyn and Karrin -- here they are:

While many runners were making their way past us on our side of the street, at the 5-mile point, the leaders of the race came in the other direction. They were already going towards the Potomac River, at the 8-mile point. The front runners:

An interesting post-script: though we all know that the race organizers ran out of water for the runners, in interviews today they are telling the newspapers that they had a plentiful supply! Evelyn was really lucky because Tracy bought a bottle of water for her, and handed it to her as she went by for the second time.

(A day later, on Oct. 9, the race officials did admit to the Washington Post reporter that they had run out of water.)

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