Saturday, February 23, 2008

Detroit Institute of Arts

Burned out buildings, derelict properties, sad-looking people. All around the Detroit Institute of Arts is a city that long ago lost its luster. Inside, a completely different atmosphere.

After years of rebuilding, reorganizing, relabeling, the collections are spectacular. Today we concentrated on African arts, the Dutch Golden Age, and the era of the Impressionists and slightly afterwards. We admired some of the greatest masterpieces of the collection: the Diego Rivera murals, the Judith of Artemesia Gentilesche, the Wedding Dance by Brueghel, and several overpowering works by Rembrandt and his followers/studio.

Last week at the National Gallery in Washington, I also spent quite a bit of time on Rembrandt and his school, as well as Vermeer and other Dutch masters, so I have them very much in mind.

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