Saturday, April 05, 2008

Cabela's, Dundee, Michigan

Driving up and down US 23 between Ann Arbor and Toledo, we have been wondering about Cabela's for years. Usually, we have to get on the road, make time, beat a rush hour somewhere, or get home and see what's been accumulating on the front porch. Today we had a little extra time, so we stopped to see why this is such a famous place.

The parking lot was really crowded, and people were all over, looking at the two-story fake mountains populated with taxidermized game animals from all over, looking in the aquarium tanks full of living game fish, checking out the vast arrays of weapons, and so on. They seemed to have every GPS, every type of binoculars, every fishing rod, and every item of camouflage clothing I could imagine. Not to mention camouflage binoculars and camouflage deer-hunting bows.

Recently, I learned the word "skeuomorph" meaning "a decoration that takes its form from the nature of the material used or the method used to make it." I think these lamps made from various types of antlers are probably good examples, if I correctly understand the word.

We walked around the entire store, and our expectations weren't in the least disappointed.

There's just one thing that still worries me. What is the meaning of a Barbie fishing rod? They also had superman fishing rods and lots of others with boy-themes on them. But only Barbie: no Dora, no princesses. I just don't get it.

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