Monday, July 07, 2008

Bird Behavior

On one of my walks in Toronto last week, I wandered into a big park near the University of Toronto. A large equestrian statue was providing a perch for a hawk -- from the head of the rider, the hawk had a great view of an open space in the middle of some trees. The din of songbirds warning and complaining was very high. Finally, the hawk flew down, and several other birds dive-bombed it. I didn't see any actual hunting on the part of the hawk.

On another day, I drove past the busy tourist areas on the waterfront, and past the industrial port, until I came to a little park with a view back towards the big skyscrapers and the immensely high tower. The water's edge was scummed with oil, but gulls and swans were happily using the beach. The only other humans at the park seemed to be walking dozens of dogs.

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