Sunday, April 26, 2009

The La Jolla Half Marathon

Along the wide walk beside the beach, we waited to see the runners. Around 8:45 AM they were around half way from the starting point of the half-marathon, in Del Mar, and had run up the incredible hill at Torrey Pines park. The leaders were very spread out, coming one at a time down the long walk near the sea. Casual runners, cyclists, dog walkers, children, and surfers shared the space, doing what they always do on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Race officials came along in cars, on bikes and on foot. Also we saw policemen on motorcycles, volunteer water-servers at tables of full paper cups, and other helpers.

A surfer in a dripping wetsuit ran up and started handing out cups of water to the runners. Most of the helpers called out "water, water," but one said "Budweiser."

The conditions must have been good this morning, as more than the usual number of surfers waiting in the water were managing to stand up on a wave. Normally a race occupies everyone's full attention. Not this one. Lots of people along the way were just enjoying the sun and scenery, with not a look at the competitors.

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