Thursday, October 29, 2009

Indescribable Concert

Tonight we heard an indescribable concert at the Kerrytown Concert House. It was in a number of languages: English, Idiotish, Fringe, HighBrew, Russian, Yiddish, Uglish, Portu-guess, and a few others. One example: the very skilled and talented woman singer performed "La Vie en Rose" accompanied on a musical saw. Pavel Lion, pictured above, performed "Lili Marlene" in Yiddish or maybe it was Idiotish, I'm not sure.

My favorite number was "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" sung in several of the languages I mentioned. Also "Momik." I think it was in Russian. Evelyn says you go to college so you will get the jokes. I'm not really educated enough for this yet, but I enjoyed it enormously.

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