Sunday, February 28, 2010

Zombie Vultures ate my T-Top

In every parking lot in the Everglades are big warnings about vultures. No, it's not that you should watch your little puppy or your toddler. It's the rubber and silicone gaskets on your rental car. The vultures love them. So they walk or waddle around nearby, waiting for you to leave your car unguarded. They don't run very fast when you approach them, either. I saw a couple of them ignore a fairly large dog.

In the parking lot of the Anhinga Trail, the most popular of all the various trails, the park service have strung up a dead vulture, which the label insists died a natural death and was found in a land fill. This is supposed to discourage the others from predatory car pecking.

We also saw a crow diligently picking at the plastic bags protecting the leather seats of bikes attached to the back of a pickup truck.

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