Thursday, June 03, 2010

Watching the Sun

On the equator, sunrise and sunset come and go very quickly, but often beautifully. Because the water was not perfectly smooth, and there was often mist or clouds, we had no hope of seeing the famous green flash -- despite many trips to the tropics, we have seen this phenomenon only once: in San Diego!

Above, when I got up to the deck around 7 AM, the sun was still behind the volcanic island on the horizon; then it appeared:

Sunset from the same deck:

Immediately after sunset, the full moon appeared from behind the island on the other side of the boat; however, I was unable to capture the moon in a photograph.

During the day, the sun could beat down quite strongly, but the temperatures we experienced on our various hikes were not as hot as we would have expected. Our cruise usually didn't plan hikes for the heat of the day, but earlier and later.

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Jeanie said...

What a dazzling sunset! Oh, those colors talk!