Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jade Mountain


Today we took a tour of Jade Mountain, the luxury resort on the hilltop above our (already luxurious) resort. The rooms and architecture are over-the-top fancy. Each room is very large with a private swimming pool near the bed, a sitting area, and a bathroom also completely open to the view. No glass, no screens, just mosquito nets on the bed. Each room has its own butler who will (according to our guided tour) fill your jaccuzzi tub (as distinct from the pool) or bring all your meals. You can arrive by helicopter, go directly to your room, and never emerge until it's time to fly back to whatever planet you came from with whoever you anonymously came with.


For more photos, see this Flickr set.

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Jeanie said...

All the photos in this travel blog are amazing and look as though had a wonderful time. But this bed, with this canopy and this view -- that is exactly where I want to be right now!