Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flower Photos

flowers 21

The scenery we've been seeing is so spectacular that it's hard to focus on smaller things. We've taken hundreds of photos, mostly of the grandeur of the Rockies, the breath-taking vistas of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, the huge sandstone rock formations of Zion, and the amazing natural arches at Arches National Park. But the littler things, though maybe not majestic, also create the fabulous nature of the experience.

Flowers, tree branches, cactus, and other plants are a good example of the little beautiful things. Flowers grow out of cracks in the rocks on the cliffs at Zion; succulents and cactus grow in what appears to be totally arid sand, and they are everywhere in the woods and slopes in Aspen. Inspired by my blogger friend Jeanie at The Marmelade Gypsy, I've been taking close-ups or stepping back and trying to capture their images in the landscape. And now I've made a Flickr set from a number of these photos, from hikes, drives, Grand Canyon ATV tour, and strolls we have taken.

To see my 23 favorites of these photos at Flickr click on any one of the thumbnails below:

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Jeanie said...

Mae, I just went through every one of them -- they're such bright little spots in the sandy and rocky lands! I love how some -- those little purple ones come to mind, and th eyellow and the pink ones that look like they're with succulents (that one is on this page) just add this bright bit of life into the dry landscape! I'm so glad you posted these!