Sunday, March 25, 2012

The rabbit eats sticker bushes

Yesterday I noticed Peter Rabbit chewing on my little bayberry bushes. He was rearing up on his hind legs to reach the tasty little leaves that are just emerging. These aren't very nice bushes, so he's welcome to them. A bit behind him I could see Flopsy or Mopsy or maybe Cottontail -- just up from his ears you can make out her little tail. (Of course I have no idea of whether these are girl or boy rabbits. And I didn't capture a photo of him in the act of eating the bush.)

More interesting wildlife was nearby after dark. We heard an owl's trilling hoot -- familiar, now, as I've been hearing it before dawn quite frequently this spring. We also got a look at its silhouette on a branch, showing up against the cloudy sky. When the owl moved from tree to tree, I could just make out the shadowy form as it flew. The moon is almost dark, so it was a very shady perception -- definitely too dark to take photos with any equipment we own.

From the cry we identified it as a screech owl. In the early morning I sometimes thought it was a distant alarm clock, as it makes a repetitive trilling sound, repeated regularly.

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