Sunday, August 05, 2012


The Tetons impress me more than any other mountains I have seen. The wide meadows and reflecting lakes at the foot of the mountain range provide scenic views of power and beauty.

Grand Teton mountain lit by the first rays of the rising sun. It's the tallest of the peaks, so the sunlight reaches it first.

More early morning sunlight on the mountains.

The Tetons and Jackson Lake, seen from Signal Hill. This is high above the plain with panoramic views of the horizon in all directions. The road winds around Signal Hill several times as you ascend. The last part is a bit hair-raising, as it goes across a little spine. I don't know what signals they used when they chose the name, but obviously now, there's a huge cell-phone tower near the top.

View across Jenny Lake. After stopping at this viewpoint, we drove to the visitor center and took a boat across the lake to a hiking trail.

From the hiking trail, we saw the mountains from a number of perspectives, one more beautiful than the next!

View from a turnout along the road.

We also enjoyed our view of the California coastal mountains from our Santa Barbara apartment. This shows our deck.

Santa Barbara view at sunset.

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~~louise~~ said...

Oh my heavens Mae. What stunning shots of the Tetons. I'm in awe of their beauty.

Thank you so much for sharing...