Sunday, September 09, 2012

Old Cars

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The Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village provides a chance to see the amazing labors of many old-car hobbyists. Some preserve old cars in their original condition; others restore the cars to shiny newness. Some dress up in the apparel of the same vintage of the cars, starting around the turn of the 20th century, and going just past 1930, I think. Some collect old equipment, such as fire trucks or camping vehicles and gear for old-style camping. I wrote on my food blog about the collector who displayed a cooking box that fit onto a Model T exhaust manifold. Quite a show!


Jens Zorn said...

Of course you know about cooking done on the warm/hot parts of automobile engines ---for example's-Engine


Mae Travels said...

Yes, I remember the fad for truckers cooking steak in the engine around 20 years ago, and also have a friend who just mentioned cooking hot dogs in foil on her exhaust manifold! But I loved the purpose-built box that was made for the Model T.

Jeanie said...

Missing a lot on everything -- this looks like such fun!