Friday, September 06, 2013

Recent Mona Lisas

Art Rules the Street” graffiti by the artist Tripel on Kent Avenue in New York.
From a collection of graffiti in the New York Times published last June.
I love the distortion of the Mona Lisa face, which is also mirror-reversed. Having Einstein, Che, etc. in the picture adds to the sense of being all cliches, but calling it "Art Rules the Street" shows that art is not the only source of such visual cliches!

Image discovered for me by Miriam on google+
From The Museum of Bad Art, sent to me by Jens.
"From the slightly odd to the downright awful, the collection now receives hundreds of submissions from budding bad artists every month — but only the very worst are hung on the gallery's walls," according to the Daily News article about the Museum of Bad Art in Boston. Maybe I need one of their t-shirts with this image for my collection of Mona Lisa tees.

From the blog Spoon and Tamago: a haunted house at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Summer is the time for haunted houses in Japan, as that's the time of their festival honoring the dead. About this haunted house: "The space was filled with replicas of famous paintings that were also part optical illusion. It was a really fun way to learn about art without all the museum rules and annoyances."

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