Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Birds Flying

Kestrel, near Plymouth, MI; Len's photo

Canada Geese, Riverside Park, Ann Arbor; Len's photo


Jeanie said...

You are rocking that camera! These are terrific!

Vagabonde said...

Your pictures are stunning – I also love to look up at birds in the sky, but they are hard to catch on a camera.
I worked for an aircraft corporation for 26 years and I remember the first year I read a quote by our former owner, he had said something to the effect of ‘When walking don’t look down, always look up where the horizons are absolutely unlimited…” (Robert Ellsworth Gross) and I remembered that always – I always look up. My husband said that not many people do because when he was sky diving, when in the Army, as he would get closer to the ground and someone was walking there, he would shout “watch out.” As this was in the desert the person would look everywhere, and my husband had to add “look up!”