Saturday, March 22, 2014

The car is dirty from all that salt

It's been a terrible winter in Michigan. Though the car was washed earlier this week, it's covered with salty splatters again. In a week we are driving back to Santa Barbara. Not such great timing, you might say, since we just suffered through winter and will miss early spring in our own yard, but that's ok with me. I'm really looking forward to the drive out, and all the California fun -- including the world's most beautiful car wash (which I've written about here several times). Some repeat photos just because I'm thinking about it ...

Fountain in a corner of the carwash
I hope they are still in business


Barbara said...

I'm from Michigan...lived there for 32 years. I remember well all the salt on the cars...was in the car wash all the time! Certainly not one as elegant as the one pictured,
Hope spring settles in soon.

Catherine said...

Dear Mae, I know what you mean. My car is in need of a car wash too; though the car wash is not very beautiful. lol.
I thank you for your visit and hope you visit again.
Blessings, Catherine

Vagabonde said...

You are driving to Santa Barbara, California from Michigan? That’s a long drive – about 2400 miles and 34 hour drive non-stop. I don’t like to drive – my husband does not anymore, and I get scared on highways – much rather fly. I also wish there were good trains in this country. For example soon we will take a train from Brussels to Paris and it is less than 2 hours – faster than driving yourself. But I guess everyone in the US likes to drive, so it’s OK.

Mae Travels said...

Yes, it's long. We will be en route for more than one week, but we need our car during the 4 week stay there, so it makes sense to us. We hope to leave tomorrow while there is supposed to be a break in the weather.