Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hawaiian Ferns

Ferns are among the first plants growing on the cinder and ash fields after the volcano erupts. As we walked around Volcano National Park trails, we enjoyed seeing the many shapes and forms of ferns, especially the fascinating spirals at the tips of growing leaves and stems. Hawaiian ferns include the Kupukupu, the Palapalai, and the Hapu'u pulu.

Kupukupu fern: sprouting stem and leaf
At right in this indentation in the cinders near the KÄ«lauea Iki crater:
a fern just starting its life. The tree at upper left is the Ohi'a lehua,
which sprouts on newly formed lava fields and cinder cones.
Ohi'a lehua's blossoms are a favorite with some of the native birds.
Palapalai fern -- another Ohi'a lehua rises above it.
In the older forests, these trees are very tall and are buzzing with birds
eating nectar from the flowers.
Hapu'u pulu has a woody looking growth tip.
Ferns surrounding an old lava tube
at the bottom of a steep indentation in the ground.

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Geraldine Saucier said...

Beautiful pictures. Hawaii has such beautiful plants.