Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Yesterday's activity was a bird watching tour with Hawaii Forest and Trail: a highly-recommended operation that lived up to its reputation. We were very lucky to have a beautiful sunny day with views of distant mountains.
We started along the old saddle road where Hawaiian owls often
sit on the fence posts.
We had almost given up when this Pueo -- the native owl -- flew past us and landed near the fence, just as we had hoped.
Next stop: the Pu'u La'u trail at a wildlife and game refuge
where rare Hawaiian birds live. Vests are just in case a hunter was around.
We saw this normally elusive bird, the Palila, once nearly extinct,
as well as several others.
Next stop: the Upper Waiakea Forest Reserve, happily above the
mosquito line which is good for both birds and people.
We walked there for several hours on lava trails through woods and
open land, each location with a different feel and appearance.
In an open area we watched two I'os -- native hawks --
screaming as they hunted.
Lunchtime in a little forest spot with mossy tree trunks.
We were delighted with the variety and beauty of birds and landscape, and impressed by the various abilities and helpful attitude of our guide, Mark. All the bird photos are Len's; the others are mine. And tonight we have plans to fly home on the red-eye.

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Geraldine Saucier said...

What beautiful bird pictures.