Friday, April 17, 2015


Hooded skunk, Patagonia, Arizona.
We took a walk near our B&B in Patagonia this morning, and saw this skunk, which I believe is a hooded skunk. Fortunately he seemed unaware of our presence, and we enjoyed watching him dig several holes in the ground before disappearing into the shrubbery at the side of his clearing.

After our walk, we drove to Madera Canyon, for our final days in Arizona. We are staying at the famous Santa Rita Lodge -- which is at least famous among birdwatcher folk. There are lots of birds and birdwatchers in the area.

Just at dark, an elf owl flew out of its hole in an old telephone pole while a large group with varying equipment were waiting eagerly, some flashing with large fresnel-lens-amplified camera lights, others just talking about how they were counting one more life bird. My photos were all solid black because it was almost dark by the time he decided to come out and forage for moths.

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