Monday, August 07, 2006

Europeans against the existence of Israel

"ISRAEL IS HISTORY. We no longer recognize the State of Israel. There is no way back." -- So writes famous Norwegian author Jostein Gardner, translated in summary in Europe and Israel

The link is to a blog by Andrew Sullivan where he concludes: "Get the gist? Very few Arabs believe Israel deserves to exist in any form. And far more Europeans hold this view than will publicly say so. I think we are in the beginnings of an existential war to destroy the Jewish state. And this much I fear: it will not end, sooner or later, in a ceasefire."

Another quote from Bernard-Henri Levy about the rockets aimed at the population of Haifa: "these incoming rockets make us see what will happen on the day — not necessarily far off — when the rockets are ones with new capabilities: first, they will become more accurate and be able to threaten, for example, the petrochemical facilities you see there, on the harbor, down below; second, they may come equipped with chemical weapons that can create a desolation compared with which Chernobyl and Sept. 11 together will seem like a mild prelude. " --"Pondering, Discussing, Traveling Amid and Defending the Inevitable War"

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