Monday, September 03, 2007

The River is Higher

Elaine and Larry visited for the weekend. Sunday morning we repeated the canoe trip that we did a few weeks ago. We had two canoes this time.

Again, we started at Argo pond, went under the little tunnel into the canal that bypasses the Argo Dam, portaged at the end of the canal, and then began our trip on the Huron River. We've walked most of the route, past the Gandy Dancer restaurant, along the banks of Riverside Park and Island Park, around the big bend in the river from which you glimpse Fuller Pool, past the playing fields and hospital, along the edge of the Arb, and then into Gallup Park for pickup. Because we had walked along the river so often, we could always see exactly where we were. Elaine and Larry had not walked these paths, so we were constantly pointing out what we saw and recognized.

A week of incessant rain when we had just returned from Hawaii had raised the level of the river quite a bit, and had made the current much faster. It carried our canoes downstream at a pace that was startling in contrast to the previous trip.

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