Saturday, September 15, 2007

Toronto Streets

Victorian tower near campus (above). I saw a large number of such red brick buildings. Some are very well kept up, and one guesses beautifully restored inside. Some are now university buildings, incorporated into larger modern buildings. Some are very run down with poor-quality additions and roofs, bad replacement siding, or decaying porches and weedy gardens.

Shops on Queen Street: the street where Atwood's Robber Bride opens, at a restaurant called the Toxique. It was probably fictitious, though I guess its building looked like the ones above. Maybe someone has appropriated the name by now.
The new wing of the Royal Ontario Museum -- shown above -- was just completed. The photo shows the new edgy structure and also a bit of the old yellow brick facade.
A large grocery store on Spadina Avenue, in or near Chinatown, also Robber Bride territory.

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