Friday, October 08, 2010

100 Years Old

Sunday is my mother's 100th birthday. She died in 1967, but I feel as if there should still be a celebration and some photos. I've already posted most of them at various times in the last few years.

First, here are some photos from the album she made when she was in high school:
The photo from 1914 is the only one I know of from her early childhood. I do not think there are any baby photos, but here is a photo of her dolls.

These were called "Nickel Dolls" because that was how much they cost. They are very small.

The next picture was taken just before she cut her hair for the first time in 1923. A cut-out of this photo is on the album page.

Here is her wedding photo, from 1941, with my father, of course:

Evelyn and Hyman

And here's a photo from a bit later:

Label on back: "The four Feldmans Aug 18, 1948." My brother was born around a year later, so he's not in the photo.

Finally, here's a photo of my mother, father, and me, in 1964.

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Jeanie said...

Oh, Mae -- 100. Yes, that deserves a celebration. I'm so glad you posted these wonderful photos. The wedding photo is beautiful -- so young, and embarking on a new journey in the world. And those curls -- Definitely Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm!

Thank you so much for sharing her with us.