Friday, October 01, 2010

Making Mona Lisa out of Cups: A Coincidence

Today, two friends sent me email about Mona Lisa images made of cups.

The first was 3,604 cups of coffee tinted with varying amounts of milk which have been made into a giant pixillated Mona Lisa in Sydney, Australia. I had seen it before -- it was made in October, 2009:

The second Mona Lisa was made for the Grand Rapids ArtPrize contest. The description: "520 Tiny Cups is a wall-hung installation consisting of 520 small, individually made and glazed ceramic cups in 12 different shades of grey.... When viewed up close it is just a shelf full of cups, but when viewed from a distance, the visage of the Mona Lisa appears."

I wonder if this artist was inspired by the Sydney project or by any of the enormously numerous similar projects of pixillated Mona Lisa, including a print that I have at home, an installation that used to be on a wall in Paris, and many more.

The picture:

I thank my friends Maria and Chuck for sending these images to me. I never get tired of new ways to depict Mona Lisa!

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Jeanie said...

Either way, thanks! Very cool!