Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The World's Most Beautiful Car Wash?


The air here in Santa Barbara, surprisingly, deposits a fair amount of dirt on the car, so I took it to a car wash that advertises that it doesn't use machines, only very soft brushes and lots of TLC. They begin by vacuuming the car, scrub with the brushes, and proceed through a tunnel of high-pressure water hoses and vacuum-drying. While you wait, there are several beautifully landscaped seating areas with trellises of flowers and shade. In one corner, there's even a fountain.




When the car comes out, then lots more hand work, cleaning the inside of the windows, polishing the outside, and even cleaning the inside of the sunroof. The name of this place is Educated Car Wash -- in addition to all the service and comfort, their gas is cheaper than any other gas station I have found!


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Jeanie said...

You have GOT to love a car wash named the Educated Car Wash!