Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Hawkwatch at Point Mouillee



This morning we took part in the Hawkwatch, waiting for migrating hawks and other raptors as they come across the Detroit River from Canada. From a few points in Lake Erie MetroPark and at Point Mouillee at the mouth of the Huron River, we saw several kettles of hawks and also some smaller groups of hawks, as well as an eagle, but they were all very far away. I've been a birdwatcher-watcher for years; the birdwatchers looked good today.

Also from Point Mouillee at the birdwatching dock we saw the Fermi Nuclear Reactor and its plume of steam, hunters bringing in their prey, water birds, and flowers.

The hunters: On the front of their boat, they had two Canada Geese. Their waders are printed with images of reeds and water.

The Power Plant.

Water Plants: Beyond these reeds, we could see a large stand of lotus. Some were still in bloom, some with the characteristic seed pods.

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