Friday, June 23, 2006

Back to Turkey

Here are a few more photos from the trip. First, a very massive head, lying on its side because it was re-used as support for an underground cistern. Roman water systems remain stunning evidence of their great technology. Aqueducts and several cisterns from the Byzantine era are among the most dramatic early monuments of Istanbul (though of course Santa Sophia is the greatest).

Colorful markets, with their small specialized shops or stalls, are irresistible to a photographer. In one area, we drove past blocks and blocks of second-floor display windows with gowns and formal men's attire. Elsewhere, special markets or street stalls sell pots and pans, electrical equipment, clothing, and so on. Within the Grand Bazaar, there are areas mainly dedicated to leather goods, textiles, gold/jewelry, and cafes. Outside the Grand Bazaar is a used book area. The Spice Bazaar offers primarily spices, dried fruits, and other condiments, though I bought a great pair of sunglasses there. Food markets or market streets are convenient to most residential areas: remember, the population of Istanbul is 12 million or more, so they need a lot of shopping space.

We took these photos at the Spice Bazaar and the marketing area of Kadikoy on the Asian side of the Bosphorous. Our friends explained that porters with baskets on their backs hire themselves out to housewives who need their help to carry home their purchases:

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