Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Goodbye Hello Goodbye

If the flight from Istanbul to Tel Aviv had been more than an hour and a half, we would be a couple of basket cases. Around 40 women who had just gone on a tour to Cappadocia by jeep were seated all around us. Throughout the flight, they were shouting at each other at the tops of their voices, taking flash pictures, clapping, singing, and making other rowdy noises. It was grating. But our motto on such flights is: if we don't want to hear people shouting in Hebrew, why are we going to Israel? Where everyone shouts.

Luckily the flight landed early, the bag (which El Al wouldn't accept as carryon) came down the chute quickly, a taxi was available to take us to Janet's house in Kiriyat Ono immediately, we were able to direct the taxi driver (he applauded when we said we were here) -- and we hope all goes as well tomorrow as we fly to New York and on to DTW.

Adventures of the day -- after breakfast at the nearby mall with Janet and Abigail -- a visit to Janet's favorite wine store, which we have been talking about since we got here. We enjoyed looking at the big selection of Israeli boutique wines and worldwide imports, and tasted a bit of Aussie red. Unfortunately we are daunted at the sight of our pile of luggage, and can only regret that we didn't manage to buy some bottles to drink while we were here last month. The rise of Israeli wine and Israeli taste for a variety of wines is another of the changes that we can see over the 8 year gap between our trips.

Next year in Jerusalem! And Kiriyat Ono.

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