Sunday, June 25, 2006


We parked the car on the street in Battleground, and walked a block to the Tippecanoe Battlefield Memorial for the Saturday afternoon concert. Fiddlers and other musicians and fans were camping in tents all around the concert area. The Gathering started with a concert Friday night, and continued all weekend with a variety of activities and concerts. Fiddlers fiddled all around the tents and parked cars, so music was everywhere.

Elaine and Larry had us bring folding chairs so that we would be comfortable during the music as well as during long pauses between sets. People were very informal, walking around, buying food, talking and rearranging chairs all during the concert.

Battleground, Indiana, now the site of the annual Fiddlers' Gathering, in 1811 was the site of the Battle of Tippecanoe. General William Henry Harrison (much later to be president) with around 900 men, defeated around 900 Indians, led by "The Prophet."

The memorial with its statue of General Harrison:

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