Saturday, July 08, 2006

A visit to Sweden?

An Ikea Mystery
I searched the Ikea website for a picture of our new purchase. It did not appear in the online catalog, so I googled "ikea bekvam step stool" and found that almost all the hits were in Japanese, with a few examples for sale used in England. Maybe this is a very new or very out-dated product! Or perhaps the minimal distinction between the bekvam step stool and the bekvam kitchen cart requires the umlaut over the a in bekvam. Can you google an umlaut?

Anyway, this is what our new Bekvam step stool looks like in our pantry, assembled and placed among dust mops, saved bags and other junk, returnable cans and bottles, and other pantry-floor material. I am ready for safer access to the high shelves.

Though we have been to Ikea in Virginia, this was our first visit to the very recently opened store in Canton, Michigan, 20 miles from our house. We are now supplied with decorative paper napkins for the foreseeable future. We will return for Swedish meat balls in the restaurant when the crowds dissapate.

ANOTHER Ikea Mystery

It's widely agreed that the true mystery of Ikea is the meaning of the names of the products. If you are also baffled, I recommend the website

  • "The Ikea Game"

  • -- a new game each time you go to the site, testing your knowledge of product names like SAFTIG, ANTILOP, TROGEN, and SOLFRED. (These are among the random questions on one try at the game, anyway.)

    Note to Yiddish speakers: SAFTIG is not a product with generous hips. According to the game's answers page, SAFTIG is cutlery.

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