Saturday, January 10, 2009

Numbering the Sands

Arny, this post is for you --
See the big number 100? Three boys around 6 years old were writing numbers in a long row in the sand. They wrote with their fingers. They were up to around 140 when I walked by this morning. The number 100 was around 3 feet tall -- all the other numbers were 8 to 14 inches tall, depending on whose turn it was. I guessed their age by the fact that they were all missing front teeth!
Then I heard them yell "what number are they on?" Two smaller girls were each writing numbers in the sand a little closer to the water.
I also saw lots of birds in the water: the tide was much higher than yesterday afternoon. The tide in fact was going out: high tide was around 8 AM, and since the full moon is today, it was the highest tide for the month.
I would guess that at least 100 surfers were out in the water. All were wearing wetsuits -- the air was warm, but I suspect the water is very cold. Several surfing clubs had beach mats or even tents on the beach.
Again, I was at La Jolla Shores a few blocks from our apartment. This view shows Scripps Pier.

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