Monday, January 19, 2009

Scripps Aquarium

Seeing fish in an aquarium creates a different impression than seeing them while snorkeling. Aquariums feature the exotic and unusual species, as well as creating realistic environments. For example, dragon fish are amazing small fish with leaf-like structures that make them look like water plants -- but they swim. I wonder if it would be at all easy to pick them out underwater, but in the small aquariums they are totally easy to notice.

Jellyfish are extremely beautiful as they open and close their balloon-like parts. Tanks of jellyfish usually illuminate them against a dark background to obtain the most beautiful effects.

Other rare, nocturnal, unusual, or shy fish that we saw in the aquarium today included sea horses, starfish, octopus, eels, and soles and rays in shallow enough water to see them even though they had assumed protective color patterns.

The most impressive display in the aquarium is the giant tank of local kelp and kelp dwelling-fish, that shows what it's like to be underwater offshore from La Jolla.

The aquarium building sits on a cliff far above the Scripps Pier -- thus offering a different perspective than I have had while walking on the beach underneath it.

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