Monday, May 24, 2010

Bird Sightings from the Ship

Above is a frigate bird, male, in breeding costume which means he inflates his amazing pouch.
Yesterday as well as the breeding frigate birds, we saw a male blue-footed booby doing a dance to attract the lady blue-footed booby. The lady was just sort of sitting nearby. The boobies also lift their beaks up towards the sky, and they whistle. They sound like a person who can’t whistle very well. Finally the lady decides which one she likes best and they bump beaks for a while. They REALLY look like silly boobies. And they are all over the place.

Today, finally we have seen penguins! Two of them were on the rocks by the sea where we were snorkeling. We didn’t have a camera but we enjoyed seeing and hearing them. One of them pointed his beak up to the sky, flapped his little wing-stubs, and brayed -- the penguin’s cry is like a donkey. He said “hee haw.”

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Jeanie said...

Yikes! He's a stunner!