Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello from the Guayaquil Airport

Surprised by an ash plume from a nearby volcano this airport was closed on Friday and Saturday. But it reopened for our flight from the Galapagos yesterday, and we are now waiting to board our flight to Miami where we continue onward to Detroit if all goes as planned. The Lindbladt tour operations were all fantastic: they accompanied us from the hotel to the airport and all the way to the security line. Now of course we're on our own, depending on American Airlines. But so far so good. We have a couple thousand more photos that we haven't posted yet, and lots more to say about our remarkable trip.

UPDATE: all flights were on time and we arrived home just before midnight. I'll be posting more photos now that I am back to my own internet connection. On the boat it was fast -- but cost a lot.

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Jeanie said...

All that and nowhere near Iceland. Still, glad they didn't take any chances!