Monday, May 17, 2010

Cruise on the Luna Azul

We had a very long and rough boat ride across to the next island to the north on a fine boat called the Luna Azul -- max speed 37 knots. Finally, we arrived at the dock:
At the dock, sea lions and marine iguanas were resting -- together!

Also a pelican --
Our walk through the high country was very pleasant with light warm rain. We saw volcanic formations and caves (once used by pirates and whalers). We saw another breeding station for the Galapagos tortoises. And we saw lots of finches.

This strange Easter-Island type head might have been carved by European visitors or residents. Or maybe if you stretch the imagination by mainland natives who came from time to time by ship to take tortoises for oil and meat --

The water part of the trip after lunch and a hike had its points, though I admit I had a snorkeling panic and had to be rescued on the first try. The second try, I swam with a baby sea lion and heard the sea lion families calling hoarsely back and forth.

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