Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Boats in Port

Galway Bay is full of fishing and shipping boats. Tiny towns beside the sea offer fresh oysters, mussels, crab, and local salmon from boats and other fishing methods; I wrote about what we ate in these posts: Monk's Pub, Ballyvaughn Ireland and Coole Oysters. The city of Galway has berths for ocean-going cargo ships, though it's not a massive container port; the scale of ships is still a picturesque and modest.

At low tide in the small harbor at Kinvara the little fishing and pleasure boats we saw were resting on the mud:




We also stayed overnight at Killybegs, the largest Irish fishing port for the Atlantic. At night from our room we could see the big trawlers in the harbor:


In Dublin our B&B on Clontarf Road had a view of the ferry boats that cross from Ireland to Wales and elsewhere across the Irish Sea. We walked out towards the islands that face Dublin.



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Jeanie said...

Galway looks lovely. All that water looks lovely. I'm missing my weekly water-fix. Soon. Did you hear wonderful music?