Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

hdr_ireland 3

Our trip to Ireland was fabulous. We found that both art and nature support the popular expectation we've had for Irish imagery. This will be my last post on Ireland, as we've now been back for over a week.

Thus Len's HDR photo of an old cloister at Coing Abbey (above) illustrates the deep green foliage one might associate with Irish landscapes, along with beautiful medieval arches. And the modern water meter to the right also uses a Celtic knot design.

We find the Irish to be welcoming and extraordinarily friendly. Arny and Tracy's friends, people in shops and on the street, museum attendants, Bed and Breakfast and restaurant personnel, airport staff (yes, even security) -- all made us feel welcome. We were a bit startled to find all the usual Irish stuff like magnets and shirts that say "Kiss me, I'm Irish," toy leprechauns, and other cliched things that I thought were just for St.Patrick's day in the US!

So have a wonderful St.Patrick's Day. I think that the bars in Ireland will also be totally busy tomorrow, just like the bars over here. And I hope all the days are sunny -- though the photo below of the Claddagh in Galway illustrates that we also saw a bit of Irish mist from time to time.

hdr_ireland 17

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Jeanie said...

I am taking my lunch and visiting Ireland with you -- much to catch up on. I'm glad the Irish are friendly -- I want them to be! The water meter cracks me up! Much prettier than ours!