Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Probably the first thing I ever learned about Ireland was the song "Molly Malone." As children, we learned it from an old record (no, not an LP, an old 78 RPM record). We saw Molly as we walked out of the parking structure in Dublin this morning. Here she was with her wheel barrow, which I believe she wheeled through streets broad and narrow. This street is broad and near Trinity College and the museums where we spent the day.

The light was beautiful this afternoon, and the grass was very bright in St.Stephen's Green. Another lesson learned when I was a child: Ireland is Very Green. That's because it rains a lot: many people were delighted with today's sunshine.


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Jeanie said...

I think that's the first intro to Ireland I knew, too! Since, I've fallen in love with its music, and I suspect if I were so lucky to be there, its people, too!