Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 2: Des Moines to Cheynne


Oversize loads of prefab houses, gigantic construction equipment, and outlandishly large tires on flatbed trailers seemed to be everywhere on the highway today, along with frequent construction projects. The scenery varied, beginning with rolling hills in western Iowa. Atop the highest hilltops we saw wind farms with rows of huge white modern windmills.

On the planes and hillsides of Nebraska and Wyoming we saw huge watering rigs that traverse the fields. The wind was blowing much of the day, and there was one quick violent rainstorm in Nebraska. The cloud formations producing the rain were deep blue with rain streaks connecting clouds and fields. Lots of cows.


We ate dinner a couple of miles from our hotel in Cheyenne, downtown near the vast rail yards and the repurposed railroad station from 1887, now a museum --


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