Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 3: Cheyenne to Nephi, Utah


We left our motel this morning humming "Goodbye, Old Paint, I'm a-leaving Cheyenne." (See previous post). We were again on I-80, which has been our road since Chicago -- we switched to I-15 some time this afternoon.

On the wide plains in the middle of Wyoming we saw many pronghorn antelope grazing in fields along with the cows. We couldn't figure out if they were wild or if ranchers kept herds of them.

Western Wyoming is beautiful. We enjoyed a number of views of snow-caps and deep valleys -- but the road is very straight and fast. Coming down from the heights as we entered Utah, the road continues to be well-engineered and wide, but more curvy. On the 6% grades there's an extra lane for large trucks, for which the speed limit is 40 mph.  Frequent heavy rain squalls made it even less fun to drive.

The picture above is the open road, I-15, south of Salt Lake City -- the heavy traffic and congested roadside businesses here contrast enormously with the really open empty spaces in Wyoming. Tonight we are in a motel in Nephi, a bit south of Provo.

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