Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 5: Ontario to Santa Barbara, California


As planned, we drove through LA early this morning, a Sunday. Thus the traffic was not terrible, and we could enjoy the mist or maybe smog that was almost concealing the mountains. We had no trouble finding our temporary campus cottage by the sea, making contact with the Sunday manager (who met us at the office as promised), and unloading the car.

By noon, we were established, by two we had found a place to eat lunch, a farmers' market with local produce, and a supermarket with staple supplies, so our shared kitchen is stocked with a few days' food.  Our suitcases are unpacked, our bicycles are assembled, and we hope we'll find a place to view the eclipse. Unfortunately there's a lot of coastal fog today, we plan to drive up the hill to see what we can see.

We'll be in this location for a week, then on to a more conventional apartment.

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