Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mona Lisa Here and There

Yesterday at the Ann Arbor Art Fair 2013:
Mona Lisa promotional t-shirts and give-away fans at See's Eyewear
The Louvre, 2013: Mona Lisa the original (though they've almost succeeded in turning it into a parody)
Note how people turn their backs in order to get a photo of themselves with Mona.
The sigh at the left of the painting is a warning about pickpockets.
Official Louvre shop: I resisted buying a Mona Lisa Rubik's Cube.

Postcard for the Da Vinci Code (note Saint Sulpice upper left).
Very Cultural Postcard
A different series of postcards

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Jeanie said...

This reminds me of the Louvre and the "show" of the masses around Mona! I do like that DaVinci postcard -- nicely done! You know, by the time we left the Louvre, we were so exhausted we didn't stop in the shop. I wish we had.