Thursday, July 11, 2013

Paris: The Eiffel Tower

Pictures of the Eiffel Tower -- so ordinary! Everyone sees it from everywhere in Paris. Our friend Michelle sees it from her window. We had a view of it from one apartment that we rented on a long stay in Paris (unfortunately, we also had a very close view of an elevated Metro track). You catch glimpses of it while walking around, crossing a street, sitting in a cafe...

But it's actually very impressive! Look:

From the Pantheon 
Looking up...
The manege (merry-go-round) beside the Seine.
From the Palais de Chaillot gardens.
From the Trocadero
Evening at Belleville: both the Eiffel Tower and the Tour de Montparnasse on the horizon. 
From Belleville, also with the Roue des Tuilleries
(that is, the Ferris Wheel in the Tuilleries)


Nee said...

Hi Mae... glad you enjoyed your Paris Vacation and brought a lot of photos back to share .These are just beautiful .

Thanks for stopping to say hello and looking forward to a long friendship . Thanks for sharingh :)

Jeanie said...

Wow, Mae! I've yet to start going through your travel posts but these photos are incredible. You really got around, too! Love that last from Belleville with that soft pink light!