Thursday, August 15, 2013


Blue icebergs floating down the fjord from a looming glacier... kayaks in a salmon stream with soaring eagles above it ... spruce and hemlock forests covered in moss... fresh fish for dinner every night... humpback whales lunging up next to the ship to take mouthfuls of krill ... a brown bear eating grass beside the water... lectures and guided hikes by expert naturalists ... reports of undersea life by a diver who goes down with a video camera ...

Alaska! We have seen snow-covered mountains and stands of trees bathed in golden afternoon sunshine. The seas one night were lit up by a vivid red sunset while whales were feeding. We walked through the little fishing town of Petersburg beneath grey clouds.  And this morning, our route towards the Icy Strait hides in deep white fog.

So far we find Alaska to be a fascinating place. I've found no time at all to share or document what we are seeing, but finally, we have purchased an internet card and to post this summary. Once I get home I'll have plenty of time to think about what we've been doing and learning, to select from our photos (already over 1000 in number), and to write about the experience.
Dawes Glacier

Humpback whale
Bald eagle

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