Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ferry Boat Ride

Friday 1
Seattle Harbor from the ferry boat Wenatchee this morning:
The Wenatchee, named for a tribe that lived in the region,  can hold 2500 passengers and around 200 cars.
We were probably far from passenger capacity, but near the max for cars.
Friday 4
Seattle skyline from the top passenger deck.
The ferry has no "front" or "back" -- just End 1 and End 2.
It loads alternately from each end, unloads at the other end (so the cars always go forward)
and then returns across the Sound in the opposite direction. I think all or most car ferries are similar.
Friday 5
Wake and skyline
Friday 6
Approaching Bainbridge Island harbor. The ride takes about 35 minutes on the
16,000 horsepower, 4-engine ferry.
Friday 7
Unloading the cars in Bainbridge, where we spent a few hours exploring the town,
visiting the historical museum, and having lunch.

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