Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last Evening in Alaska

From the Sea Bird at dusk, in the Peril Straits: a scene that reminds us of science fiction or fantasy illustrations.
Would we go through the fog bank and find ourselves in another dimension? Well, not this time.
Last night we ended our Alaska cruise with a passage through the Peril Straits towards Sitka. This morning, our Alaska stay wrapped up with an interesting bus tour of Sitka before we boarded our Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle. We are now in Seattle airport waiting for our continuing flight back home. I plan several more posts on both this blog and on my food blog to document what I saw and some of the Alaska history and cultural background that I learned during the week.

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Vagabonde said...

I have read and looked at your past posts. It was nice to see the pictures of Paris as I have not been back home, I mean Paris, since 2011. Last fall we did go to Nice and the Riviera but not Paris. I hope we can go back to France next year but with my husband’s onset Alzheimer, I can’t make project too far in advance. We went to Alaska in June of 2009 – I wrote several posts on it (see Alaska on the tabs on the right of my blog.) I never finished the posts on Alaska as we went other places after that. Your picture is stunning. I’d love to return to Alaska in the fall to see it under different colors. We also went to the Yukon at the time, and that was lovely.
Thanks for coming and leaving a comment on my blog – to answer your question – Rachel did not come back to school the following year – she could have moved to another orphanage, could have been located by some members of her family, or sent to the US to be adopted. I was too young to know how to find her – no Internet then.