Sunday, April 20, 2014

Birding with Ed

Birding at San Elijo Lagoon: Ed and Phyllis -- our weekend hosts in Del Mar, CA,
and (at right, in black) a random fellow birdwatcher.
Len and Ed -- an avid birdwatcher -- heading down the path towards the San Elijo Lagoon.
Ed has taken us to all his best birding spots. Len will be posting photos on Flickr.
I'm sure Len's photos of the thrasher are better than this one
that I took. 
Near the path
Egret in the San Diego River, another birding destination 
San Diego River near Sea World: lots of birds like black skimmers
Photographing the birds -- Phyllis, Ed, Len
Sea lavender near the mouth of the San Diego River

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Jeanie said...

That egret is a dazzler -- and so, too, that sea lavender. And the sunshine!