Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cycling, Birding, Seeing, Smelling

Our bikes, ready to ride, beginning at the Bike Friday
dealer and repair shop in Carpinteria
After around 3 miles into a headwind, we stopped to walk down
the beach access path at Loon Point near Summerland
Loon Point, a mile from Lookout Park in Summerland
which I wrote about recently
Horses came down the access path just after we did
High winds make patterns on the sand at Carpinteria
Terns at Sterns Wharf, Santa Barbara --
it's so urban that the beach doesn't smell like salty kelp, it smells like hamburgers & french fries
Delectable smells: roses and jasmine in a garden
by the yoga center
Hummingbird showing his irridescent neck 
Bunny grazing near the ocean

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Jeanie said...

You two do have the best time when you travel. And your photos are always great! Love the one with all the birds!